Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Meowy Christmas!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Good Sunday morning (almost afternoon)! This weekend Jacksonville Beach, FL, is hosting the Blue Angels Air & Sea Show. I'd like to be there but it involves too much walking for this decrepit oldster! They have it every year but 1 year it's at the beach and the next year it's at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville (not the base I live next to) and so on. The pix I've posted are ones I took when I took my grandkids to it my 1st year in FL in 2007. 1st & only time I've been to an air show. It was great!!
This was so impressive! There were quite a few parachuters.
I love the reflections.
They flew so close it was scary!
The surf was quite impressive. This was part of the sea show.

I love the birds with the jets! Quite a contrast!
So close! And low!

Look at the 2 middle ones!
 Here's the Halloween card for the day. 

The little girl on the pumpkin and the stamp inside are both from Stampin' Up
The girl is from 'Greeting Card Kids' & is one of my faves because it allows me to watercolor it. The one inside comes from 
 'Festive & Fun'
I embossed the spider web on the black cardstock then rubbed white ink over it.
Lest anyone think I've abandoned Speedbump here's a couple of pix of him. He's getting along 'better' with Molly. They wrestle at times and even though he's way bigger than she is he doesn't hurt her. He still doesn't get cozy enough to cuddle up with her but maybe someday.
Speedbump not too happy with Molly attacking him!
All's well!

Molly sitting with me watching the Boston Red Sox lose!
 If you are wondering why Molly has one ear that's clipped here's the answer. She was apparently dropped off with her sibling when they were little kittens. There's a lady in our town that catches stray & feral cats and takes them to a clinic. They check them over, spay or neuter them, and give them distemper & Rabies shots. Then one ear is clipped and they are brought back to where they were picked up & released. The clipped ear is to let the people who work in the 'catch, spay/neuter & release' program that the cat has already been fixed. I'm not sure I agree with releasing them to fend for themselves especially kittens like Molly, but at least they can't reproduce. I still think it's mean to let them go to scrounge food for themselves. Anyway, back to Molly. My granddaughter said she saw big cats beating up on Molly in the street so she brought her home. My daughter gave in and let her stay. Katie's friend took Molly's sister. So at least there's 2 kittens that have good homes! I wish I could take care of lots of them but I can't. 
And that's Molly's story! Since I'm home more than anyone Molly is my pal. I finally got an affectionate lap kitty! Don't get me wrong though, I still love Speedbump!
Well, I've babbled enough. I'll sign off and hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! 

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