Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Meowy Christmas!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Woo Hoo!  We dodged the hurricane bullet!! All we got from it was some gusty wind. We didn't even get any rain!! The rain band was too far out to sea. But I feel really bad for the northeast. They are supposed to get a humdinger! 

Yesterday my daughter & I took our cameras to Jacksonville Beach to view & photograph the surf. We had such a nice outing! Something we haven't done for ages; she because uv rays make her sick because of her illness and me because I had been laid up for so long from my knee & ankle surgeries. There were no surfers to photograph because the beaches were closed. Well, we could walk on the beach but not allowed in the water. I really am surprised there weren't any people in the water. There's usually somebody breaking the law!

Here's some pix I took. I took 109 pix and weeded them down to 73. Now don't panic! I haven't added all 73! Just 7! lol

Click on the picture to see it larger.
This is the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

My daughter taking pix!

Guess who!

Today the sun is shining beautifully and it was cool this a.m. It's supposed to be 'cool' (not so hot) all week! 

Well, the Gators lost their big rival game with the GA Bulldogs. A lot of disappointed people around here. And so far today the Jacksonville Jaguars are losing

Friday I went to Stampin'Up card class at the Jim Fortuna Senior Center! I love going to card-making classes! These are the 2 cards I made there. They aren't my design - they are my instructor's design. And she is Sharon Field and her blog is Created by You! Visit her blog and see all kinds of her wonderful creations!

Toodle-oo for now! Have a gôôd one!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi! I just couldn't get to post yesterday. Yesterday morning I went to have a liver ultrasound. Then in the afternoon I went to my Blog class. It was the last one. When I came home I started messing around with the blog trying to figure out how to do things. Before I knew it I was dozing at the computer!!! 

Today I started a new class on how to manage chronic pain. I'll write more about it when I learn more. Then I finally got to the pool for water aerobics. What a beautiful day!! It was hot but not humid. The sky was so blue and the water was so fine! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my floppy hat so got a sunburn. 

I spent most of this evening trying to plan a program for my T.O.P.S. meeting. It's my turn. I didn't know what to do. We get sick of going over the same old foods we should & shouldn't eat. Then I got an email from WebMD that had a slide show on the 10 Fattest States in the nation and then another one on the 10 most Fit States in the nation. So I printed up 2 quizzes for them. It's always fun to do that - at least I think so. And before I go to bed I have to write up last week's minutes since I'm the secretary.

Here's a couple of fun pix from the past. I was in my glory with all our cats!!! Taken way back in 1996. 16 years ago!!!

 The World Series is in the top of the 9th and San Francisco is ahead of Detroit 8-3. So I'm off to bed in a little bit. One more out and it's over.

Good night!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I sure am late today! Busy day! First I had a doctor appt. to see the results of my blood test. My liver enzymes are up some more! I asked what causes that because I don't drink or smoke - I just eat! They had taken all my aspirin products away over a year ago. The only thing I'm allowed to take for pain is Hydrocodone w/acetaminophen but now she's taken some of that away! And I have to stop taking my 2 cholesterol meds. Another blood test in 3 weeks and see her in four weeks. Oh yeah, and tomorrow morning I have to have a liver ultrasound.

Then this afternoon I went to the chiropractor. Nothing new there. I just wish it helped my back more than it does.

Then after that I had to go grocery shopping for my Mom-in-law and spent some time visiting her. My, she sure does love to talk about politics which I hate. But I listened politely. She's a shut-in and doesn't have much company to talk to.
Here's my card for the day. It's a variation of yesterday's. I just treated the Spiderweb differently. I put some glitter on it.
Well, this is a short one. I'm tired and going to get comfy in my recliner with Molly and watch (I hope I don't fall asleep) game 7 of the Nat'l League Pennant race. Whoever wins this one will go against the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. I'm sorry for you Yankee fans but I'm sooooo happy that the Tigers BEAT them! Not  only did they beat them they SWEPT them in 4 games! At least I can take pleasure in that since my beloved Boston Red Sox did so miserably this year. Oh well, there's always next year!!!

Take care,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Good Sunday morning (almost afternoon)! This weekend Jacksonville Beach, FL, is hosting the Blue Angels Air & Sea Show. I'd like to be there but it involves too much walking for this decrepit oldster! They have it every year but 1 year it's at the beach and the next year it's at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville (not the base I live next to) and so on. The pix I've posted are ones I took when I took my grandkids to it my 1st year in FL in 2007. 1st & only time I've been to an air show. It was great!!
This was so impressive! There were quite a few parachuters.
I love the reflections.
They flew so close it was scary!
The surf was quite impressive. This was part of the sea show.

I love the birds with the jets! Quite a contrast!
So close! And low!

Look at the 2 middle ones!
 Here's the Halloween card for the day. 

The little girl on the pumpkin and the stamp inside are both from Stampin' Up
The girl is from 'Greeting Card Kids' & is one of my faves because it allows me to watercolor it. The one inside comes from 
 'Festive & Fun'
I embossed the spider web on the black cardstock then rubbed white ink over it.
Lest anyone think I've abandoned Speedbump here's a couple of pix of him. He's getting along 'better' with Molly. They wrestle at times and even though he's way bigger than she is he doesn't hurt her. He still doesn't get cozy enough to cuddle up with her but maybe someday.
Speedbump not too happy with Molly attacking him!
All's well!

Molly sitting with me watching the Boston Red Sox lose!
 If you are wondering why Molly has one ear that's clipped here's the answer. She was apparently dropped off with her sibling when they were little kittens. There's a lady in our town that catches stray & feral cats and takes them to a clinic. They check them over, spay or neuter them, and give them distemper & Rabies shots. Then one ear is clipped and they are brought back to where they were picked up & released. The clipped ear is to let the people who work in the 'catch, spay/neuter & release' program that the cat has already been fixed. I'm not sure I agree with releasing them to fend for themselves especially kittens like Molly, but at least they can't reproduce. I still think it's mean to let them go to scrounge food for themselves. Anyway, back to Molly. My granddaughter said she saw big cats beating up on Molly in the street so she brought her home. My daughter gave in and let her stay. Katie's friend took Molly's sister. So at least there's 2 kittens that have good homes! I wish I could take care of lots of them but I can't. 
And that's Molly's story! Since I'm home more than anyone Molly is my pal. I finally got an affectionate lap kitty! Don't get me wrong though, I still love Speedbump!
Well, I've babbled enough. I'll sign off and hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! 

To leave comments click on the 'comments & reactions' link and the box should show up for you to type in. I'm still learning. The 'help' in Blogger I don't think is very good - at least for newbies like me. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2nd Day in a row! Wow-eee! And it's the 2nd day that I feel good! I don't know if it's because the 'bug' I was fighting is finally gone or if it's because I haven't been eating any wheat products. Whichever it is I'm thankful!

Yesterday I put a new towel into the white load in the washer. I've bought these towels before and even though I've always washed them with the whites and bleach the colors never ran. Well the new ones are cheaper and they turned all my whites PINK ! Even though my DD made a valiant effort she couldn't get it out - even with Rit color remover. So my formally white T-shirts and underwear are a light pink now. I think the T-shirts are kind of pretty!

Here's a Halloween card I made last year. It's my own design. The stamp is 'Haunted Forest'; the big owl is the punch 'Owl Builder' both by Stampin' Up . The  inside stamp is from 'Howl-O-Ween Creeps' by Stampin' Up .

On Sept 30th I went with my DD & DGD (don't know the abbreviation for granddaughter!) to Homecoming at church. It was fun to go out with them and the Buffet afterward was Fantastic!!! Of course there's a lot of stuff on the plate we wouldn't be able to eat now because of wheat.

 Look at this! I wanted to finish my post before I folded my laundry so I just spread out the T-shirts so they wouldn't wrinkle and went back to the blog. Well, I looked over and Molly had jumped right on top of my shirts! Isn't it something how cats always think anything new you put out is for them!!!!  
        See how comfy she is watching TV (food of course)!

And here she is sleeping in my lap while I'm at the computer! She was younger then. Now she's bigger and would rather bat anything she can off my desk! 
So with this image of contentment I will stop my rambling and wish you all Happy Day!


Friday, October 19, 2012

     Good Morning! I'm back! I still haven't figured out how to do a lot of things but I have to start posting. I've also been fighting some kind of 'bug' & have felt 'blah' for over a week. Today is the 1st morning I've felt good!
     When I got home yesterday after my T.O.P.S. meeting I was greeted by a most magnificent sight by Mother Nature! It's one of the most perfect & big spider webs I have ever seen! It was right in front of my house. Of course I had to take pix of it! I think if you 'click' on a picture it will enlarge.
I think the close-up looks like some kind of nebula or something in deep space!

     Update on my dental emergency. I ended up having a root canal done & am now waiting for the permanent crown. The day of the root canal (the 10th) I spent 4 (FOUR) hours in the 'chair'! After the canal they said they had time to prep for & take an impression for the crown. I said ok. Way before it was over my back was hurting so bad. But anyway, it's done.
     Here's a few flower pix I'm happy with. The hibiscus was taken outside 'The Beach Hut Diner' in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The yellow ones (not quite sure what they are) are a plant my DD gave me. I love light coming through petals or anything for that matter.
The window is in my bathroom and not as dirty as it looks! It's a frosted window.

     There is so much to share but I don't want to bore you with a super long post. And I have much more to learn. Have a great day!


Monday, October 1, 2012

     Hi! This is the First Day of my First Blog and I don't know what I am doing! I follow many blogs but it all looks so complicated. 
     As you can see by my title I love cats and crafts of many kinds! And I thought I'd throw in some tidbits of things happening as I make my way along the many paths of life.
     Last Tues., Sept. 25 I started a six week course on "Blog Ideas: 25 Ideas for Sharing What's on Your Mind".  Our homework was to start a blog! Eeek! I've been thinking about it all week and now am doing it the night before class!
     My newest craft interest is Stampin' Up rubber stamping to make greeting cards. I don't have too many that I designed myself yet. Most of what I've made are my instructor's designs. She is Stampin' Up demonstrator Sharon Field at  I don't know how to make the address so you can just click on it unless it happens when I finish.
This is one I designed myself to give to my sister for her birthday.

     Other things I'm working on is filet crocheting a baby blanket for my my 2nd Great Grandbaby due in March. I like to embroider, sew, quilt, general crafts, tole paint (I guess now they call it 'Decorative Painting'. My daughter, whom I live with, and I are going to start a 'Secret Sewing Project' for Christmas. Can't talk much about it much until after Christmas.

     And here are my 2 cats. The little one is Molly (I call her 'Hurricane Molly'!), and the big one is Speedbump. I'll tell you their stories another day.

     I have to call it a day. When I was eating breakfast a filling came out and part of the tooth is loose. So I need to go to sleep so I won't keep playing with it with my tongue.