Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Meowy Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you've had a good weekend. Mine has been exasperating! At this point I'm wondering why I ever started a Blog. I have lost my sidebar. It's on the bottom now and I can't get it back to the side. I've done everything they told me to do in the forum but nothing worked. I've been working on this ALL day! I'm giving up for now and writing a post. 
Thurs was our T.O.P.S. Christmas Party. We had a fun time! We ate at the Fish Company Restaurant in Atlantic Beach. The food is very good there. We exchanged gifts, ate, then played a game. Will explain when the pix are posted.
Beverly opening the gift from us.
Judy and her daughter.
Beverly and Beverly.
Victor and his wife Marsha.
Bertha and her hubby Jr.
My sauteed Mussels. Mmmm

Me enjoying the Mussels!
The Game! We were split into 4 groups & ea group given balloons & pantyhose. We had to blow up the balloons, stuff them into pantyhose for Rudolph's antlers & wear them! My DD's group won 1st. My DD is wearing them!
This is Claudio & his group won 2nd.
This is Beverly & her group won 3rd.
1st on the left is Victor & his group which I was in won 4th. And so here's the 4 winners: Victor, Claudio, Beverly, & Michelle.    Ho Ho Ho!

Judy with her camera. Her pix will be better. This new camera I bought is a piece of crap.
Shirley is the 2nd from the right. She's the game master!!!

My lovely daughter, Michelle, & me.
This is Roz and Debbie.
This is Eileen & Debbie.  
Well, I've had enough of this dang computer. I'm going to bed! Good night to all and to all a Good Night!



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